Energy Savings

The CapeBreeZ Quickly Pays For Itself!

CapeBreeZ provides such significant energy savings that many units will quickly pay for themselves. Units installed in hot cities like Los Angeles will return their full costs in less than a year. Even colder cities like New York, where air conditioners are used only intermittently, require little over a year to fully return their investments.

Potential Energy Savings By Climate Zone

CitySavings/YrPayback (Yrs)
Los Angeles$2640.9
San Diego$2321.0
New York$1781.3
Washington DC$1701.3
Las Vegas$1172.0

Based on eia. average room size of 400 ft. sq.

Energy Savings Map

Let's Crunch the Numbers!

While potential savings are affected by climate zone, local power rates, and desired temperature, the MINIMUM estimated cooling-related energy savings is 30% with the majority of the United States saving well over 70%.

How much can you save?

The United State Energy Information Administration’s “Annual Energy Outlook” for 2018 confirms that space cooling is the most costly, energy-eating aspect of maintaining a home. CapeBreeZ rethinks the game by relying on one simple fact: cooling our houses with free outdoor air uses 98% less energy than creating it with an air-conditioner.

CapeBreeZ improves on these savings in two revolutionary two ways. First, its hyper-efficient motor and fan draws 75% less energy than traditional window fans; next, by implementing its patented Smart Fan technology that maximizes cooling with outside air and minimizes energy use.


What’s so smart about CapeBreeZ?

Here at Tamarack Technologies, Inc. we are firm believers in brains over brawns. By continuously monitoring indoor and outdoor temperatures, sensing humidity and determining when and how much fresh, free, filtered air to draw into the home at precisely the right time, our CapeBreeZ uses less energy than a common household light bulb.

The entire cooling process is automated, so operating the fan is as easy as setting a thermostat. Simply set your home thermostat to your normal setting, then set CapeBreeZ’s thermostat to a lower setting. The larger the difference between the two settings the greater the savings. It’s that simple!

Additional Savings

There are many fringe benefits to owning a CapeBreeZ, including the fact that it will significantly extend the lifespan of your existing air conditioner.

Central air conditioners can cost thousands to replace and hundreds to maintain each year. By reducing how often and how long your existing air conditioner’s compressor runs, it will see an increased lifespan and will last much longer between service calls.

CapeBreeZ also allows you to focus your cooling efforts on the spaces that you use the most, so the coolest, most comfortable rooms will be the ones you spend the most time in.

Main repairing air conditioner

Carbon & Noise Reduction

Less energy means less waste. Since the CapeBreeZ can potentially reduce your home cooling energy usage by an outstanding 90%, your carbon footprint will reduce linearly. And if your air conditioner is running less frequently, the noisy, industrial fans attached to them will no longer be a bother to you and your neighbors.

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