Most Common Sleep Positions & What They Say About You

For most of us, a great night’s sleep is a rare and beautiful thing.

In fact, over 90 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep deprivation or insomnia symptom every. single. night.

The consequences of a restless night are endless – poor work performance… strained relationships… health issues. But you know all this already (cue the yawns).

What you may not know is that how you sleep actually says something about your personality.

Psychologists, sleep scientists, and researchers have been studying the most common sleep patterns to try and understand what they mean. As it turns out, there are nine popular sleeping positions, and each can tell a lot about the sleeper’s personality. Take a look at each position below, listed from most to least popular.

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1. The Fetal Position

The fetal position is when you sleep on your side with your knees curled in toward your chest like you’re tucked into a safe little ball. 41% of people sleep in this position. More than twice as many women than men sleep in this position. It’s great for pregnant women or people who struggle with snoring. The fetal position is not ideal for preventing neck and back pain.

Personality Traits:
People who sleep in the fetal position are described as having a hard outer shell, but sensitive at heart. They can be shy at first, but tend to open up and relax quickly.

2. The Log

The log position is when you lie on your side with your arms straight down by your side. 15% of people seem to favor this stiff, log-like sleeping position. This position keeps your spine straight and is extremely helpful to those suffering from back pain.

Personality Traits:
People who sleep like a log are known as social butterflies. They are friendly, carefree, and popular. They tend to be trusting of strangers and may even be a bit gullible.

3. The Yearner

As if reaching out for something, the yearner position is when you sleep on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you. About 13% of people sleep this way.

Personality Traits:
Yearners tend to be a little complicated. They are open-minded, yet cynical. They can be indecisive and suspicious when making a decision, but stick to it once their minds are made up.

4. The Soldier

The soldier position is when you sleep on your back with your arms down by your sides. Only 8% of sleepers claim to get the most sleep this way. Sleeping on your back is great for people with neck and back pain. It has also been shown to reduce acid reflux. However, sleeping in the soldier position may lead to snoring.

Personality Traits:
Those who find themselves sleeping this way typically are quiet, reserved and hold both themselves and other people to high standards and strict moral codes.

5. The Freefaller

This sleep position is where you lie on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and head turned to the side. While beneficial for snoring and good digestion, sleeping on your stomach makes it difficult to maintain a neutral spine position. This puts pressure on your joints and muscles, and can lead to pain, numbness, and tingling.

Personality Traits:
Freefalling sleepers are bold and sociable, but typically don’t take well to criticism.

6. The Starfish

Starfish sleepers sprawl out over the entire bed, comfortable and carefree. Another familiar term to describe this sleep position would be “spread-eagle“. If you sleep this way, chances are you’re a great friend.

Personality Traits:
Starfish sleepers are eager to lend an ear or helping hand. They make excellent listeners. They don’t necessarily like being the center of attention, but don’t mind if they find themselves there on occasion.

7. The Stargazer

Stargazers lie on their backs with their arms wrapped around their head.

Personality Traits:
Stargazers make their friends a priority and do anything in their power to help them out. People who sleep in this position tend to have a positive, “happy-go-lucky” outlook on life.

8. The Pillow Hugger

Pillow Huggers love to get snuggly and cuddled up in bed, clutching the pillow (or pillows) with their arms and legs. They are similar in personality to Stargazers because they hold personal bonds in high regard.

Personality Traits:
Whether it’s family, friends or a significant other, Pillow Huggers cherish relationships over everything else. They tend to be people-pleasers, and attempt to put others before themselves most of the time.

9. The Thinker

The thinker position is similar to the fetal position, except you always have a hand gently resting on your chin.

Personality Traits:
Emotions run high and tend to vary between two extremes for whoever finds themselves sleeping in this position.

It’s fascinating to see the truths behind personality types and sleeping positions, and just as your personality doesn’t change over time, neither does the way you sleep. Only 5% of people report sleeping in a different position every night.

When you hit the sheets tonight, pay attention to the position you find yourself in right before you drift off. Does your position and personality type match up? And more importantly, do the hours of sleep you actually get and the hours you need match up?

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