Should you open windows while spring-cleaning?

Warmer days have finally arrived in most parts of the country, and there’s nothing like that first time you sling open all the windows and fill the house with the welcome smell of spring. Fresh mulch. Daffodils. Burning leaves. Grills coming out of hibernation.

It’s tempting to open the windows and air out the house, especially while you’re in deep spring-cleaning mode (motivational playlist blaring). We get it.

But opening all the windows in your home this time of year introduces new problems. Pollen problems.

Tons of pollen and mold spores hang on every spring breeze and flow right through your screens, into your squeaky clean home. Add to that the pollen getting kicked up via rake or leaf blower by neighbors tackling their outdoor spring clean-up. Pollen can travel for miles. So even if your close neighbors are slacking on the yard work, your distant neighbors’ tree pollen can easily find its way into your living room… making itself comfortable on your couch and in your sinuses.

If a member of your family suffers from allergies or asthma, it’s important to resist the urge to “air out” your nest. The best way to bring fresh, outside air into your home is by using a filtering window fan like the CapeBreeZ. This unique filtering fan cools and refreshes a room by bringing in outside air only when the temperature and humidity is optimal. Circulating fresh, filtered air into your home dramatically improves your indoor air quality. The Cape BreeZ is especially beneficial for asthma and seasonal allergy suffers.

Here are a few tips we put together for fighting spring allergies.

Infographic with tips for fighting spring allergies

Happy spring-cleaning!

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