Beating the Flu… the New Old Fashioned Way

It’s that time of year again. You’re busy scratching things off your long list of holiday season to-dos. The tree is up. The house is all decked out. You managed to get that annual family photo without losing your sanity, and you’ve already made some good headway on this year’s gift list.

It’s all fun and festivities and feeling accomplished… until the first member of your household gets hit by the flu.

Nothing sucks the cheer right out of the season like a case of the flu (or even a common cold). You do what you can the prevent it… Get the flu shot. Wash your hands incessantly. Take your Vitamin C. Faithfully wipe down your shopping cart with those handy antibacterial wipes the stores provide. But sometimes there’s just no amount of effort and immunity that can keep the germs away. And once one person gets infected, it’s only a matter of time before the next lucky member of the family falls victim.

Anyone who has recently strolled down the cold medicine isle knows the overwhelming amount of drugs and remedies available today to improve symptoms and speed up the recovery process. But thankfully, the best thing you can do when flu strikes is far simpler than choosing the right antihistamine and decongestant. What you really need is good old fashioned FRESH AIR. As it turns out, there’s a lot of wisdom in Grandma’s old “just open a window” cure-all!

During the winter, when you spend most of your time hunkered down indoors, you are literally breathing a disgusting cocktail of dead cells, mucus and viruses from anyone who has recently visited the room. Any time someone sneezes or coughs, they’re expelling a mist of germ-filled particles into the air that can linger for hours… even days. Ventilating your rooms and welcoming fresh outside air is extremely effective at minimizing the amount of crud floating around (and into your airways). You may want to throw on a couple extra layers of clothing, or strategically plan your air-out to coincide with a family outing. Either way, freshening up your stuffy sick factory is well worth the short-term chill.

The Cape BreeZ economizer window fan accomplishes this while also filtering particles and pollutants from outside – like dust, mold spores, pollen, smoke and smog. This is especially important for those family members with breathing difficulties, asthma, and allergies. So rather than spending hundreds of dollars on medicines, doctors’ visits, and chicken soup ingredients year after year, kick cold season’s you-know-what with the fan that filters and give your family the gift of clean, fresh air this holiday season!

Now through December 31st, 10% of Cape BreeZ sales will go to the American Red Cross Wildfire Relief Efforts.

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