Fires Contained but Poor Air Quality Remains

After several days of much-welcomed rain, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has reported that the deadliest fire in California history has nearly been extinguished and is now 100% contained. About 7 inches of rain fell over the burn area for three days without causing major mudslides, said Hannah Chandler-Cooley of the National Weather Service.

(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Our hearts go out to the thousands of families that lost loved ones, homes, and communities in the devastating wildfire. As crews tirelessly search through the ash and debris for hundreds of missing people, the threats of poor air quality continue to loom over the area and most of Northern California remains under a poor air quality advisory. The rain broke up much of the smoke and washed away some of the larger particles clouding the atmosphere, but ultra-fine particles can remain in the air for an extended period of time.

Emergency room visits for asthma, strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular ailments are expected to increase in the days ahead, which is common after a wildfire. While lung cancer is associated with long-term exposure to particle pollution and wildfire smoke, it’s unclear how short-term exposure to the smoke will affect people. For generally healthy people, the most commonly reported symptoms are headaches, burning and itching eyes, and difficulty breathing.

It is still recommended that those living in the counties surrounding the fires limit their time outdoors and take measures to control the air quality inside their homes. The Cape BreeZ filtering fan by Tamarack Technologies is an affordable and easy-to-install window unit that filters outside air and uses about the same amout of energy as an LED lightbulb. For pennies a day, it provides all the benefits of introducing fresh, outside air into the home without all the particles and pollutants that come along with it. So for those in California who are stuck indoors for the majority of the day, the Cape BreeZ is an excellent way to combat the harmful effects of lingering wildfire particles and create a healthier breathing environment for the family.

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